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For several years, Servi Doryl has been involved in a CSR approach. In 2020, it was awarded the Ecovadis silver medal for the third consecutive year for its good CSR practices . Recently, the company even joined the United Nations Global Compact.

With the aim of integrating the entire life cycle of its products, Servi Doryl now offers solutions for recycling its customers’ used moulds.


At the beginning of the year, Servi Doryl carried out a recycling operation with its client : Roquefort Vernieres and its 200 mm diameter moulds.

Roquefort Vernieres is a family-owned and independent company that has been making Roquefort cheese for more than a century and pressed cheese of ewes for 15 years. It is the 5th largest player on the Roquefort market.

Roquefort Vernières cheese

As Mr. Costes, industrial director, explains, the company is part of a “reasoned approach” and tries to limit waste as much as possible : wastewater treatment plant, pollutants… It has also recently acquired photovoltaic panels to limit its electricity consumption and equipment to recycle energy. The teams are also working more and more on recyclable packaging for their products. In fact, several specific actions have been put in place. Enabling Roquefort Vernieres to enter a slightly more virtuous circle, particularly thanks to their latest recycling operation with Servi Doryl.

“We had an old range of moulds left in a car park and I asked myself the question: “what can we do with them? “It was relatively complicated to send them to the rubbish dump, the volume was too large… And it seemed absurd to me to start from that principle; knowing that the plastic can be crushed and recycled to make car bumpers or even polar jackets,” says Mr Costes.

Range of moulds

He adds: “There is more and more talk of recyclable plastics, so why not cheese moulds ?” And indeed, this is a project that Servi Doryl is developing in line with its environmental commitment. Last year, a similar operation took place, with coagulation vats from a company that manufactures Camembert cheese. They were recovered and recycled by one of our partners. Recycled high-density polyethylene is used for non-food applications, such as the manufacture of plastic pallets or decking.

Servi Doryl & Roquefort

It was therefore important for Servi Doryl and Roquefort Vernières to take into account the end of life of the material. Above all from an environmental point of view. “It seemed logical to me to ask the question to the supplier. To know if there was some sort of organised channel or capacity to do something”. Moreover, for Mr Costes. It seems quite relevant that plastic suppliers integrate this key stage into the cost of their commercial proposal. “When we want to buy household appliances, we all pay an ecotax of x% on the price, so why not implement this principle in the industry? It would also limit all the clutter, like mine, on industrial car parks

Because of the history of the relationship between Servi Doryl and Roquefort Vernieres, several discussions had already been undertaken. Regarding the possibility of recycling the used moulds. Fabien Thomas, a Servi Doryl sales representative, supervised this operation with the customer and the recycler : Global Recov, located in Angers. However, the transport of waste has a negative impact on the environment. This is why Servi Doryl is actively working to find new recycling partners, always closer to its customers.


After transport, the plastics are checked, weighed and sorted by quality at the Global Recov site. They are then shredded into flakes. The flakes can be sold as is to processors. Sometimes an additional regeneration step is necessary. The flakes are then melted (in an extruder), and filtered to make ready-to-use recycled plastic granules.

Plastic granules

According to Mr. Costes: “The operation went well and was very easy to set up. He adds: “We will soon have to renew part of our range. Since we have old moulds that are about twenty years old and we will not hesitate to repeat this kind of operation”.

Following these various successful operations. Servi Doryl intends to propose and communicate its recycling solutions to more of its customers and thus propose a complete offer. Including the recovery and recycling of its used moulds and accessories.


We would like to thank Roquefort Vernières for their trust.

If you would like more information on our solutions. Please contact us by telephone on 02 47 96 11 50 or by e-mail at the following address :