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Our solutions for coagulation vats

Servi Doryl designs and manufactures a very wide range of products dedicated to the manufacture of soft cheeses.

These solutions have been developed for all the phases of your production. From coagulation vats to racks and rack-bearing trolleys, discover in detail the possibilities offered by the Servi Doryl range.

Does your manufacturing require a specific or innovative mould? Servi Doryl will provide you with support in designing customised moulds, adapted to your needs.

Optimised slicing and mixing

Coagulation vats
Half-spherical coagulation vats

Servi Doryl offers a large choice of coagulation vats adapted to automated or manual slicing and mixing tools, with or without wheels.

Our vats optimise the use of slicing tools and are designed according to the requirements of your mechanisation.

We can advise you on choosing the shape that is most suited to your manufacturing (semi-spherical, semi-elliptical, semi-cylindrical, or flat-based), with capacities that can reach up to 675 litres.

Precision of micro-vats

Green colored coagulation micro-vats

Servi Doryl also designs coagulation micro-vats, adjusted in volume to fit to a cheese mould. The quantity of milk, not curd, is thus measured out and precisely adjusted to perfectly control the quantity used, before its transformation.

Micro-vats can be assembled in blocks, corresponding exactly to the size of the Servi Doryl block-moulds used in moulding.