From audit to prototyping, we support your project

Servi Doryl is also a complete range of services to optimise and simplify your cheese-making production methods.

Audit of the collection

Is your mould set still performing well? Could it be optimised to provide increased quality and productivity? Our experts can answer these questions by conducting an audit of your collection, in order to suggest ways to improve. The report is given to you within 48 hours with precise turn-key advice, which is perfectly in line with the preventive maintenance plan.

Maintenance and upgrading

It is sometimes essential to give your moulds a “second life” in order to extend their performance. We can refurbish your cheese mould collection, on site or in our plant, guaranteeing manufacturer’s high-quality work.

Service contract

Together we can schedule, in advance, all of our interventions, in order to ensure maintenance for your moulds and to optimise their performance over time. Each contract is customised, drafted according to your needs, in order to provide support that is as close and as flexible as possible.

Technician support

Our cheese technicians are available to you to provide you with support in making the best choice of moulds for all your cheese-making productions. They can also assist with:

We are looking for customer oriented solutions, designed step by step, at your site.


Creating prototypes makes it possible to make the best choice. Prototyping is essential in order to choose the best combination of patterns and micro-perforations in pressed cheeses, or in order to define a perforation type for soft cheese. Servi Doryl designs and develops these prototypes, in the plant or via 3D printing. We can also provide you with prototypes for testing your marketing concepts or your ideas regarding product innovation.