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Servi Doryl has its CSR assessed with Ecovadis !

The company Servi Doryl has been awarded, for the third consecutive year, the silver medal by the EcoVadis platform for its performance in Corporate Social Responsibility.

What is EcoVadis ?

Created in 2007, Ecovadis is a collaborative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rating platform. More than 65,000 international companies of all sizes and sectors collaborate on this assessment platform.

The evaluation is carried out according to 21 CSR criteria grouped into 4 themes. Environment, Social and Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing. These different criteria are derived from international CSR standards, such as the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the ISO 26 000 standard and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Servi Doryl is rewarded…for the 3rd time !

With a score of 61/100 this year, the company is 6 points higher than last year and wins its 3rd silver medal for its CSR performance. This award recognises the Servi Doryl Group’s ongoing commitment to sustainable growth, environmental management and ethical behaviour.

Servi Doryl improved its score in each area evaluated by EcoVadis.

Among its main Environmental achievements is the reduction of its energy consumption. Indeed, since 2013, thanks to an energy saving programme, the company has reduced its electricity consumption by 20%. Servi Doryl is also attentive to the consumption of new production machines ;

Social & Human Rights

As far as Social and Human Rights are concerned. Servi Doryl has put in place new measures in order to strengthen the quality of life at work and maintain the well-being of its employees. In 2017, the company has launched a project called “Doing well, together”. With the aim of involving and engaging employees in a positive approach to collective progress. Around various subjects such as recognition at work, internal communication and production management ;

In terms of Ethics, Servi Doryl has recently implemented a business ethics charter. Applicable to all employees of the company, as well as service providers, subcontractors and suppliers. The company commits, for example, to conduct its business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness. To prohibit any activity that could be conducive to human trafficking, child labour or forced labour. To develop honest, clear and long-term relationships with its customers, suppliers and partners ;

Also and in the field of Responsible Purchasing, Servi Doryl is implementing a responsible purchasing policy designed to reduce its impact on the environment. Strengthen its social and regional role and thus increase the overall value of its products. For example, the company is committed to using only pre-approved plastics from suppliers who comply with the European REACH regulation.

Focus on Servi Doryl’s CSR policy !

The Servi Doryl Group wishes to act responsibly and has therefore integrated a voluntary CSR approach at the heart of the project. That has been driving it over the last few years. Indeed, the company has strong values of social. Responsibility, proximity to its customers, social dialogue, safety and development of its employees. It is also very committed to environmental protection and conducts its activities in an eco-responsible and sustainable manner.

Servi Doryl’s CSR policy is steered and ensured by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, which brings together and involves various departments. Also, each year, the composition of this CSR Committee is re-evaluated.

Every month, a follow-up of the actions is carried out and allows us to report on the progress of the work and regularly inform the Social and Economic Committee.

The CSR objectives of Servi Doryl !

The external recognition of EcoVadis confirms the reality of the company’s efforts in all areas related to CSR. In order to maintain its sustainable growth and hope to win the gold medal, Servi Doryl has many CSR objectives such as :

  • The reduction and recovery of its plastic waste : the company wants to reduce its waste at source and during production. It also aims to set up a waste sorting policy to assist its customers in recovering and recycling products after use.
  • The elimination of aerosols : in order to limit the exposure of its employees to products considered to be hazardous. To health and to protect the environment, Servi Doryl has launched an action plan aimed at replacing aerosols with products purchased in bulk and using them in reusable sprayers.
  • The elimination of single-use products ;
  • The evaluation of the CSR approach followed by Servi Doryl’s suppliers by 2021; …

The Servi Doryl teams are delighted with this great reward and intend to continue their efforts in terms of sustainable development! Moreover, the EcoVadis certification is valid for one year, which commits the Servi Doryl Group to continue improving its CSR policy in order to maintain (at least) its SILVER level.