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50 Years of Research and Development at the service of our customers

Nearly 50 years of expertise devoted to cheese-making.

Since 1972, Servi Doryl has offered a wide range of products devoted exclusively to the manufacturing of cheese, soft cheese as well as pressed cheese.

Servi Doryl factory floor

Servi Doryl block-moulds

Servi Doryl knew how to provide a genuine breakthrough technology and transform the cheese industry, at a time when plastic material was progressively coming out. Its products made the boom possible in high-speed cheese-making mechanisation.

Servi Doryl cheese moulds and coagulation vats are made exclusively of plastic, but the company also works with metal for products such as draining trays and distributors, in order to best satisfy customer expectations.

Metal draining tray and distributor
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They trust us !

The major industrial cheese groups use Servi Doryl products: cheese moulds, block-moulds, distributors, draining trays, coagulation vats and ageing solutions.

Servi Doryl also services numerous companies and cooperatives, of small and medium size. Servi Doryl also provides customised solutions in small series.

Servi Doryl tailor-made products
Variety of cheeses

Several hundred different cheeses are produced in Servi Doryl moulds: soft cheeses with mould rind or washed rind, lactic curd, blue cheeses, uncooked pressed cheeses, cooked pressed cheeses, cheese from goats, cows, ewes, mixed, and even plant specialities such as tofu.

Servi Doryl masters many technologies linked to working with plastic. The plant has more than 70 different machines, often custom-designed, in order to meet all production needs.

New technologies Servi Doryl
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Built on breakthrough technologies, Servi Doryl has always maintained its capacities for innovation. The latest innovations and patents concern among other things materials that can be detected (metal and X-rays), new patterns and perforations, Hi-Perf technology and new ageing solutions.

Located in France in Langeais, near Tours, Servi Doryl has 7,000 m2 of surface area including an engineering department, its plastics manufacturing plant and a specific manufacturing workshop for stainless steel and aluminium products.

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Globe of the world

Today, Servi Doryl is part of the ALPMA group, and markets its solutions in more than 60 countries, and as always is still driven by innovation.