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Technology for semi-hard and hard cheese moulds

Servi Doryl has created a genuine technological breakthrough in the field of moulds for pressed cheese, and continues to innovate in this field.

The various possible combinations for your cheese

Our company offers over 40 different combinations of patterns and perforations, thus forming customised solutions for each type of cheese.

Diagram of the different combinations of patterns and perforations for cheese

A multitude of choices

Servi Doryl offers you:

Our sales team will remain available to support your choices and lead in-situ tests to reach the optimum turn-key and tailormade solution.

High-performance equipment

Polypropylene PPC atom
Set of PPC slabs

The plastic materials used, approved food grade quality polypropylene and polyethylene, combine very high resistance and long service life.

Manufacturing processes

We manufacture our moulds according to two processes:

Our mastery of these two technologies allows us to cover all the cheese-making needs and technologies.

All of our products are assembled by polyfusion, allowing for a screw-less design, for increased resistance and perfect hygiene.

Polyfusion is a welding method for plastics, consisting in fusing the material of the two assembled parts, providing as such excellent resistance to the set of parts.

Servi Doryl MPI mould
Rectangular mould MPC

Perfect hygiene

Each construction is designed to facilitate cleaning. Our screw-less assembly methods, guarantee perfect hygiene.

Our range includes American USDA certified solutions that meet the very high hygiene and food safety requirements.

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