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Our solutions for block-moulds and block-extensions

Two moulding and draining systems

Moulding set made by Servi Doryl
Servi Doryl unit mould

Servi Doryl moulding systems are suitable for soft cheeses and can have two forms :

Most of our moulds and block-moulds are also available in a material that can be detected by an X-ray detector.


Perforations on patented Hi-Perf mould by Servi Doryl

Servi Doryl has developed and patented the Hi-Perf system. The Hi-Perf mould’s specific perforation design provides enhanced draining of the whey, while still reducing curd losses through the perforations. This system, which is particularly suited to lactic curd, also performs well with other types of curd.

Result using moulds without Hi-Perf
Without Hi-Perf
Result using moulds with Hi-Perf
With Hi-perf