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Our solutions for racks, base for stacks of racks and plastic support

Rack-bearers with plastic feet

Rack-bearers with plastic feet

Made from stainless steel, these holders, provided with plastic feet that can be replaced as desired, receive the ageing racks, making it possible to handle them easily on our trolleys.

Servi Doryl patented plastic feet

Colored and patented plastic feet Servi Doryl

Developed in a wide range of colours, the plastic feet proposed on a unit basis make it possible to prevent deterioration of your floors when handling the rack holder.

Stainless steel racks 304 ou 316

Steel ageing rack
Rack with spikes dedicated to the brining and ageing of cheeses

Perfectly suited to your sizes (25, 31 or 51 wires according to need), they can be stacked on the Servi Doryl standard supports and can be transported on our rack-bearing trolleys.

These racks can be equipped with cheese separators, in order to prevent the latter from coming into contact during transport and brining.