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X-ray detectable material : a major food safety innovation from Servi Doryl

Food control : a quality and food safety issue

In the food industry, technology plays an increasingly important role. Regulatory authorities are increasingly vigilant about the quality and safety of food, and consumers are also becoming more and more sensitive. Servi Doryl innovates with X-ray detectable materials.


Historically, food was controlled visually, that’s why colored molds were used in cheese factory. Then, to improve the control, metal detectors were used to identify metallic elements in the processed food. 

Servi Doryl has a range of plastic blinds with metal particles that can be seen by metal detectors. 

However, over the past decade, agro-industrial have been interested in detecting other materials that don’t contain metal.  

The power of X-ray to control the quality of cheeses

Because it is a non-destructive imaging technique, X-ray inspection is becoming increasingly common for the analysis of packaged processed foods. Including those in bottles, cans, jars and pouches.

Thanks to technological advances, inspection is now a sophisticated analysis tool, which is increasingly used for the control and monitoring of cheese production lines.

Indeed, X-rays can penetrate cheeses to detect the presence of defects or contaminants, while preserving their quality.  

Their ability to detect a wide variety of materials makes systems the best tool for contaminant control. 

In particular, X-rays can detect: 

  • ✅ Metal
  • ✅ Glass
  • ✅ Rubber
  • ✅ Stone
  • ✅ Some plastics

How does it work?

As the x-ray emerges from the food, a sensor inside the tester converts the x-ray into a monochromatic image of the food’s interior. The denser a contaminant is, the darker it will appear on the image, making it easier to identify.

In order to support its customers towards this new food control technology. Servi Doryl developed X-ray detectable blinds back in 2015. 

Available in natural or tinted colors, this material differs from conventional poly-propylene copolymer by its higher density. Which gives it excellent detection, with a detection threshold of the order of one mm.

  • ➡️This detectable item weighs approximately 30% more than a standard item. 
  • ➡️ There are no metal particles in the X-ray detectable blind. 
  • ➡️ The density of this product is greater than that of the metal detectable blind to make it X-ray detectable.

To date, we have sold nearly 20,000 X-ray detectable blinds, which are used in the production of washed and bloomed rind cheeses.


Today, Servi Doryl also offers X-ray detectable mold blocks for soft cheeses, which represents a major innovation in terms of food safety. 

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