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To fight against waste and reduce waste production, Servi Doryl offers to give a second wind to the equipment of its cheese-making customers. To this end, the company provides a repair and refurbishment service.

How does it work ?

Over time, your cheese-making equipment can deteriorate: poor handling, mechanisation problems or simply repeated cycles of cleaning at high temperatures… Cheese moulds are subject to stress, become deformed, broken or discoloured…   But don’t panic, replacement is not inevitable.

The Servi Doryl team is there to advise you and provide solutions to your problems.

What is the procedure to follow ?

1 – First of all, contact us to obtain an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorisation). To do this, you will need to send the number of items to be replaced and the packaging (number of pallets, dimensions and weight) to one of our sales representatives, in order to organise transport to our workshops ;

2 – Once the goods have been received at our premises, we will establish a complete inventory of the material. If necessary, we can come directly to your place ;

3 – After examining all the products, the technical team will make all the necessary recommendations for repairing the moulds: changing the damaged parts, polyfusing or welding the parts to be repaired, reworking the geometry of the assemblies to return to the nominal dimensions, etc. Some equipment cannot be repaired; in this case, our team will draw up an estimate for the supply of new equipment ;

4 – On the basis of our quotation, and once we have received your agreement, the repairs will be carried out as soon as possible, in order to reduce the impact on your production flow.

At Servi Doryl, all of our equipment has a minimum one-year warranty. During this period, the company undertakes to replace defective products or to make the necessary modifications, adjustments or additional services to bring the equipment into conformity. 

Defective parts and all non-repairable materials are dismantled and the used materials are recycled in the factory. In most cases, material recycling is complete.

Why give your moulds a second life ?

–             To save money :

Repairing is usually cheaper than buying a new product. Sometimes, it is enough to change or replace a single part, to take over the dimensions of your moulds, to give them a second wind, a new life and thus prolong their working life.

–             To protect the environment :

Opting for the repair of your equipment means reducing waste production and decreasing wastage. Polypropylene and polyethylene, which make up the majority of our products, once recycled, are used in the manufacture of parts for cars, toys, various materials, etc. Even if they are beyond repair, after a few years of service in a cheese factory, all that is needed is an ad hoc treatment to give the material a new life.

Our commitments

Hundreds of products get a second life every year thanks to our repair service !