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The energy consumed by Servi Doryl is mainly electricity for all production operations : cutting, screening, drilling, welding, machining, planing, turning, lighting etc.

Gas is used almost exclusively for space heating.

To monitor and reduce its energy consumption, the company has been carrying out various actions since 2013 : 5 of them are presented below.

1 – Search and repair of leaks

Compressed air is an expensive energy to produce. And while compressors have made good progress in recent years, the main losses remain in distribution.

In order to reduce energy consumption, the company is regularly looking for potential leaks in its compressed air network.

Leaks will cause Servi Doryl to waste its total production capacity and thus lead to increased consumption and additional costs. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for our team to detect them and their location as soon as possible in order to carry out a quick repair.

2 – Replacement of vacuum pumps

Like compressed air, the vacuum network is essential for the production of plastic moulds. Digital machining centres, for example, need it to clamp parts on tables.

It is also an energy-intensive system, which was previously managed ‘in excess’, i.e. air flows and pressures were regulated by controlled leakage systems.

We have invested in the latest generation of vacuum pumps, which are more energy efficient, and regulation of the need is now possible by adjusting the pump speeds. Thus, the consumption is adjusted to the right need of the production equipment.

3 – Converting the workshop lighting to LED

Lighting is also an energy-consuming item, which is why Servi Doryl has chosen to change all of its lighting in the workshop to LED. LED bulbs consume 70 to 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. They also have a much longer lifespan, thus allowing savings in raw materials: to equal the lifespan of an LED bulb, at least 20 incandescent bulbs would have to be manufactured.

Presence detectors have also been installed to allow lights to be switched off automatically in certain unoccupied rooms, such as the café area.

As a result, Servi Doryl has significantly reduced its energy and environmental impact by changing its lighting.

4 – The installation of new generation electric radiators

To optimise office heating, Servi Doryl has replaced its electric radiators with new generation electric radiators that can be programmed and controlled remotely. Indeed, each radiator can be controlled using the “Cosy Touch” application. This application will allow the energy consumption to be viewed in real time and each radiator to be controlled remotely. It offers the possibility of programming, easily managing absences and visualising and analysing energy savings.

5 – Reduction of the consumption heel

The consumption heel is the energy that is consumed when there is no production and the premises are empty, i.e. during the periods corresponding to nights, weekends, annual holidays and public holidays.

For an industrial site, it seems to be impossible for the consumption stub to be zero. Nevertheless, Servi Doryl is optimising to reduce it as much as possible :

  • Scheduling machine downtime according to the plant’s operating hours ;
  • Searching for potential leaks ;
  • Replacement of old electrical equipment ;
  • A project to implement insulation work ;
  • Replacement of the factory’s air conditioning system with a more efficient solution…

Servi Doryl also conducts awareness campaigns among its employees and calls for individual responsibility.

These actions will enable the company to reduce its energy consumption, as required by the French law of 17 August 2015 on the energy transition for green growth, but also to strengthen its environmental commitments.