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The American state of Wisconsin is known as the “Dairy State”. It produces 35% of the cheese made in the USA. Here, cheese is a product that is taken seriously. Numerous families of local dairy farmers and processors defend a know-how that has nothing to envy to European productions. 15,000 tons per year is the production of this great state which counts 600 producers today, compared to almost 2800 before the great depression of the 1930s.

Imagine that the producers there defend up to Congress appellations, methods of ageing on wood and even bend the almighty FDA. This is enough to revise many prejudices about American cheese production.

Among the local cheeses, there are products inspired by traditional European cheeses, but which have become authentic products thanks to the dedication and patience of the master cheesemakers. A few examples:

  • The brick, so called because of the pressing method used at the time… a brick. One of the few cheeses with a washed rind.
  • Cotija, a Mexican-style cheese like Parmesan. This cheese is sold in pieces or grated, eaten as is or used as an ingredient in gourmet recipes.
  • Havarti pronounced “Huh-var’-tee”, sometimes flavored with herbs (dill, caraway), this firm but creamy cheese is often an ingredient in popular American sandwiches.
  • Baby Swiss”, a popular cheese throughout the United States, is produced in Wisconsin with whole milk, giving it a creamy and silky character.

The World Champion Cheese !

Every year in March, a competition is held where cheeses from all over the world compete against each other under the watchful eyes and expert taste buds of international judges. The aim is to achieve excellence, and the winning cheeses are decided by a tenth of a point. This competition could not be held anywhere else but Wisconsin! And it is only very recently that American cheeses have succeeded in dethroning the best German, Dutch, French, Swiss or New Zealand products.

This magnificent competition is an unmissable event for gourmets. And when our customers are rewarded, we share some of their pride.

In 2020, in the Baby Swiss category, a cheese from Luana, Iowa, won the gold medal. It is a product from one of our customers, Prairie Farms, to whom we extend our congratulations. Servi-Doryl makes moulds to serve the cheeses of the world. Our products are used in more than 50 countries, and our agents are present everywhere to support the projects of our customers and our equipment supplier partners.