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A look back at: the 2020 agricultural competition, our customers are medalists

An extra-ordinary event … literally

The “Concours Général Agricole 2020” will have been another great edition for French regional products. Every year, this major event, which is held during the Paris’s agriculture fair, rewards producers committed to the taste of regional products. For 148 years, juries of experts and enthusiasts of regional products have been awarding gold, silver, or bronze medals. The products thus distinguished can then display these medals on their packaging, recognition of their taste qualities, and a guide appreciated by consumers. The “Concours Général Agricole” is the oldest product competition and has no equivalent in the world.

Prizes are awarded without distinction between industrial companies or independent local producers. At the heart of the competition, with its 35 categories, also divided into terroirs, the products tasted blindly are classified according to their sensory criteria alone (taste of course, but also color, texture, aromas, etc.).

The cheese category occupies a prominent place in the product competition, with 528 products winning medals out of the 3175 distinctions awarded this year.

Twenty years ago, the “Prix d’Excellence” was created to reward the producers who have regularly won awards over three consecutive years for having the best medal/sample ratio. This prize no longer distinguishes products, but the know-how and excellence of the women and men at the heart of our regions.

Our customers are rewarded

At Servi Doryl, we serve the cheeses of the world. We bring innovative solutions to our customers and evolve our technical solutions to constantly improve product quality.

In 2020, in the categories of cheeses using moulding technics, soft or pressed cheeses, 264 medals were awarded, 69 in Gold, 108 in Silver and 87 in Bronze.

Of the Gold medals alone, 31 are products made with Servi-Doryl moulds, which makes us very proud. The know-how of the French cheese makers is exceptional, and their high standards are a challenge for our teams.

We are also pleased that the work of the Fromagerie d’Orval in Berry, with which we have been working for many years, has been rewarded with the Award of Excellence.

We are thus joining forces to congratulate all our customers who have won medals in 2020.