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Servi Doryl microperforated moulds designed for Paneer production

What is the Paneer?

Sometimes called “Indian cottage cheese”, Paneer is a mild white cheese widely consumed in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Did you know?

In India, a significant proportion of the population is vegetarian : the Paneer is a protein-rich cheese, which is why it is so popular in Indian cuisine.

It is traditionally made from buffalo or cow’s milk.

It’s eaten as it is,  but it is also used in a large number of Indian hot dishes. It can also be served cubed or fried.

How Paneer is made

Paneer is a soft, unaged, non-melting cheese with a firm texture, rather like cottage cheese.

The cheesemaking process to obtain Paneer is different from that commonly used.

For Paneer made from cow’s milk, the milk is curdled with acid (traditionally rice or fruit vinegar), rather than rennet as is the case with many cheeses. In this way, the milk “flocculates” rather than curdles.

The consistency is different from that of renneted curds. It may resemble vegetable curd (tofu…): the caseins separate from the serum and precipitate naturally under the effect of heat and acidification.

Paneer is then pressed to remove the whey, giving it a compact texture.

Paneer is molded much hotter than a traditional cheese: the main challenge during production is to cool the cheese to the core. This is why Paneer is soaked in a very cold brine.

Secondly, for manufacturers, the challenge is to control the weight of the cut cheese in its packaging (management of standard deviation). To guarantee constant weight control, very regular molds are required. Curd dosage, pressing, cheese shape and block shape all need to be controlled to avoid losses.

Servi Doryl innovation at the service of Paneer manufacturers

Servi Doryl had the opportunity to carry out numerous trials, notably in India, to develop molds adapted to Paneer production. This type of mold requires a specific pattern/perforation combination.

Servi Doryl, a specialist in made-to-measure molds, is able to meet this requirement with boiler-made molds. These molds are :

– Adapted to the high temperatures required for Paneer production ;

– Customizable: the size of the mold can be adapted to the packaging machines to maximize productivity. We offer molds in different formats (single-block and multi-mold).

To prolong the life of molds and dies, Servi Doryl can help you make the right choices for cleaning (type of washing machine, settings, detergents, etc.), handling and storage during production.

So, despite the constraints of such production, the lifespan of boilermade molds will be the same as for traditional use.

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