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10 years of research : focus on the all-plastic lid

Servi Doryl has carried out more than 10 years of research, which culminated in the development of an all-plastic lid in 2020/2021 to replace large lids with a stainless steel frame.

Why choose an all-plastic lid?

The all-plastic lid does not contain any metal parts: traditional lids contain nuts, which can unscrew and :

  • Represent a danger for food safety (these nuts can be found in cheeses),
  • Deteriorate the elements of the mechanization,
  • Fragilize the lid

In order to solve this problem, Servi Doryl tested dozens of nuts with different designs. However, we still had problems with unscrewed nuts.

We then created the all-plastic lid, without any metallic element to eradicate this problem of nuts that are likely to be lost.

With an all-plastic lid, the pressing plate, which is in direct contact with the cheese, is better held to the lid (larger attachment surface and withholding).

This represents a real improvement in the dimensional stability of the lid, and it prevents the pressing plate from becoming too large and deformed.

Indeed, deformed lids will eventually deform the molds as well. This is detrimental to the service life of the molds and can also lead to problems with cheese yields.

In order to remedy this enlargement on the stainless steel reinforced lids, Servi Doryl offers a service of reshaping the diameter of the lids; but with the all plastic lids, this type of operation will be less necessary.

Advantages of the all-plastic cheese lid

➡️ In everyday life for cheese makers, the all-plastic lid has the advantage of being half as heavy as a lid with a stainless steel frame.

For example, for a Comté cheese lid, the weight is reduced from 12 to 6kg. A real advantage, when you know that many workshops position the lid manually.

➡️ The care to be taken with these all-plastic lids is the same as for lids with stainless steel frames. It is simply necessary to make sure that the washing machine and the detergents allow the good cleaning of the all-plastic lid.

➡️ After the washing machine, the all-plastic lids can be stacked for storage. There is no more sense to take into account to avoid damaging the pattern of the pressing plate as with the lids with stainless steel armatures.

➡️ At the end of its life, the all-plastic lid being mono-material, there is no need for disassembling by the cheese maker or the recycler.

➡️ The purchase price of a lid with stainless steel or all-plastic frame is identical.

Many of Servi Doryl’s customers have opted for this solution in recent years, to improve the quality and food safety of their cheeses, but also to facilitate the daily work of their staff and extend the life of their molds. 

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