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Discover the double-sided tray from Servi Doryl, designed to meet the needs of cheesemakers.

 Since 2007, Servi Doryl manufactures and sells this double-sided tray that has already won over many cheese factories. Thanks to our design office, Servi Doryl guarantees a quality product, adapted to your activity and your requirements.

This tray offers 6 advantages listed below:

1. Reduction of MSDs for your operators:

 Your operators deserve the best for their health and comfort. That’s why we offer you this injected double-sided tray, designed to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). This tray is much lighter than stainless steel or aluminum trays, it weighs only 3.4kg or about 45% less than those made of metal. Thus, your teams can use these products with more ease and less effort.

 Thanks to their innovative design, these double-sided trays offer optimal comfort when handling them. Their soft angles (no-protruding) prevent accidents and protect your operators from cuts and injuries.

2.Space saving and optimal drainage:

At Servi Doryl, we have designed trays that fit the standard dimensions of the stainless steel racks 510 x 630 mm.

Our trays are available in two sizes:

Size 1  Size 2
Inner dimensions : 500×622 mmInner dimensions : 500×652 mm
Outer dimensions : 530×652 mmOuter dimensions: 530×682 mm

These trays are designed to be 100% compatible with automated or manual production lines. They allow you to save space by stacking the trays for drainage and ensure the security of the whey. This principle is a major asset for small cheese production areas.

Our double-sided trays offer you an optimal solution for the evacuation of whey during the production of your cheeses. Their ingenious design allows the whey to flow safely only through the sides of the tray and prevent it from flowing over each other.

In addition, our trays are designed to facilitate the turning over of block-molds or individually. You can use stack turners adapted to your needs and save time and efficiency in your manufacturing process.

3. Perfect ventilation

 The key to this consistency is the temperature of the mold block with optimal ventilation. That’s why we have developed innovative trays that ensure perfect ventilation of the air between trays. Thanks to these trays, the air circulates freely above and below the mold block and promotes good drainage of the serum.


Whether you have a tray, a cabinet or a washing tunnel, you can use these equipment to wash your trays with ease.

 The two drainage mats are installed on a central blade that keeps the tray balanced. When cleaning the tray, the drainage mats stay in place and do not let any residue pass. Anything that could fall between the slats of the trays is eliminated by washing and follows the path of the central blade to the outside of the tray.Anything that could fall between the slats baguettes of the drainage mat is eliminated by washing and follows the path of the central blade to the outside of the tray.

 This tray has been designed with care, there is no area where water can stagnate.


 If you want to easily distinguish between batches of trays according to their order date, it is possible thanks to our different customization options:

  • Find the month-year date stamp to mark your trays during injection
  • Choose from various colors of trays to create visual contrasts
  • Have your trays engraved with a high-quality laser marking

 At Servi Doryl, we are passionate about cheese and we want to help you ensure the quality and food safety of your products. That’s why we have developed a range of innovative drainage mats, which contain metal particles that are detectable by metal detectors, but also drainage mats that are detectable by X-rays.

These technologies allow you to effectively check for the possible presence of foreign bodies in your cheeses and avoid any risk of contamination. To learn more about how X-ray and metal detectable drainage mats work and their benefits, check out our detailed article here:

We are proud to offer you quality products. That’s why we provide you with a food safety certificate for each of our items, certifying that they comply with the sanitary standards in force. You can use our products with confidence and fully enjoy their advantages.

6. Repair and lifespan

 We offer you sustainable and ecological solutions. Our trays are designed to withstand intensive use.

 But that’s not all. If your baguette drainage mat is damaged, don’t panic! We can replace it thanks to our repair and refurbishment service. You can learn more about this service by clicking on this link:

As part of our CSR approach, when your trays reach the end of their useful life, we don’t throw them away. We offer to recycle them with a specialized partner who will give them a new life. To find out more about recycling your end-of-life equipment, see this article:

In conclusion, double-sided trays are an innovative and efficient solution for cheese factories. They help to preserve the health of employees, optimize storage space, and facilitate cleaning and traceability. They have a competitive cost, a long lifespan and are environmentally friendly.