The company

SERVI DORYL designs, produces and markets moulds, block-moulds, coagulation vats, draining trays and a whole host of other products for making all types of soft and pressed cheese alike.

As a specialist in plastic manufacturing applied to cheesemaking technology, SERVI DORYL has developed unique techniques over the years for perforating, marking patterns, shaping and welding high-performance, high-quality plastic parts and plates. SERVI DORYL also offers a full range of metal products such as stainless steel and aluminium moulding distributors and trays, trolleys and other small pieces of equipment used in the cheese industry.

We provide cheesemaking technology expertise geared specifically towards moulding.

Our industrial site at Langeais, France, covers more than 7,000 sq.m., encompassing an engineering department, plastic manufacturing workshop and a workshop where our range of stainless steel and aluminium products is produced.

Located at the crossroads of the A10 and A85 motorways, we can deliver to our customers all over Europe promptly, and are only a few hours away from the main maritime ports in Europe.

SERVI DORYL's world-renowned expertise has enabled us to establish bases in over 50 countries, across every continent.

Our sales department and network of sales advisors are at your service for any information you might require.

SERVI DORYL is a company belonging to the ALPMA Group.

Our Team

R&D and Projects Manager
Engineering and Production Manager
Finance and Administration Manager
Export Manager
Pierre-Yves LENGLART
Managing Director
Aurélien MONNIER
Commercial Export
Severine PIERRET
Export Sales & Sales Administration
Francois RAGUIN
Sales Engineer
Sales Engineer
Sales Administration & Sales assistant